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Product Details:

Name Whistle Kettle
Model Number CL2C-DK1909
Specification 1L 1.7L

Detailed Product Description

Item No. CL2C-DK1909  
Material Aluminium  

D153*H95 mm









Packing 16pcs/ctn 67.5*34.5*29.5cm 12pcs/62.5*42*32.5cm   



Non-stick Whistle Kettle 
Camping kettle 
Whisles when boiling 
Light weight and compact

Whistle Kettle , tea pot, tea kettle,Non-stick Whistle Kettl

Products Introduction:
* Material: food grade aluminium
* Perfect coated kettle gives you nice cooking experience
* Handle shaped like 7, insulative coating on handles improves 
grip and prevents burning
* Sound comes up during water boiling